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Hi, friend! I'm Kelsey, the maker behind June and Clover.

Growing up, I'd always had a love for all things aesthetic.  I've felt drawn to textiles for as long as I can remember, and knew that one day I'd venture into making my own garments.  When I lost my grandfather in 2018, I had a handful of his old clothes that I kept to repurpose for my future children.  Since they wouldn't be able to ever meet him, this felt like a way I could honor him, and give my babies a way to feel connected to their history.  My grandparents' home was in a quiet town in Connecticut, nestled on a street called Clover Lane.  It's a place that 4 generations of my family has vivid memory in.  When my daughter Penelope June was born, my love for handmade garments and slow fashion took new purpose.  Honoring the tradition and past of my family while embracing the future and newness of my growing family, June and Clover was born.

In the same way, my dream for this brand is to craft thoughtfully made garments of heirloom quality, so they can be part of your family's past and future, too.

All garments are made to order in my home studio.  Processing times are 1-2 weeks depending on fabric sourcing and demand, but if you need something more quickly than that, please just add a note to your order or reach out and I'll do my best to accommodate your needs.  You can bet that while I'm making your sweet garments, I'm simultaneously breastfeeding, wiping runny noses, and trying to keep my daughter's fingers out of our dog's water bowl.  I appreciate your kindness in regards to my processing times.

*Photo by Phil of The Porto's.

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